When the girls first joined the team we got together at Coffee Republic to get to know each other and brainstorm ideas for our editorial shoot. We came up with some great ideas but the Roller Rink was by far the best! As soon as the theme was set in stone I knew exactly where we would be doing the shoot, the Sunrise Rollerland of course. This place held so many memories of my childhood from birthday parties to couple skating with my then crush. I was so happy to bring all those memories back. 


There is quite a bit that goes into planning a stylized shoot like this.  Me and the girls created a Pinterest board to keep it all organized. We had a group text where we sent our ideas back and forth to make sure our outfits all matched. Once the girls found what they could, I went out and did some shopping at a thrift store. I also sent our hair and makeup lady different hair and makeup ideas for each girl. 


 The day of the shoot we had our hair and makeup done with Lea Beauler and then headed to the rink. We ended up being super later and thankfully the staff stayed open longer for us! Which meant we had the rink to ourselves but I was also limited on my shots! I’m so glad we were able to get such amazing portraits of these seniors. 



 With all the planning and research the girls did beforehand they knew exactly what look I was going for and absolutely rocked the attitude and 70’s vibe. 





 Skating around the carpet was easy for them but once they had to get on the rink it took some time to catch their balance. I guess skating isn’t as popular as it used to be! These girls where wobbling all over! Thankfully nobody wiped out! 











 As we got toward the end of the shoot it was time for the classic- ICEES!! I don’t think anybody has ever looked better drinking an Icee! 

 I’m so proud of these seniors and am excited to do more themed shoots throughout the year. They have started to create a beautiful bond! 

 I used two off cameras flashes and edited in post to create this 70’s style feel. 


Tops, vests and skirt- Crossroads Trading Post 

Pants and shirts- Forever 21