Folsom Senior Photographer | Kendall Alexandra | Bella Vista High School

 I have recently decided to start photographing high school seniors. What a great time in a young persons life. To be graduating high school and having so much possibility for the future. It also can be stressful and overwhelming to have all of that weight on your shoulders.  I want to spend this time with these young adults taking a break from studying and give them the chance to have fun and feel like a model for the day! Kendall exuded confidence and inner beauty. She made my first session go so smoothly.  Which might have been because she had been “studying Americas Next Top Model!” I recommend to all my clients to watch a few episodes of Americas Next Top Model to get you ready  ;)


 We started off the session just roaming around the quaint streets of old folsom. It made for some really pretty light with all the tree cover. These close ups are my favorite.  My sessions come with hair and make up built in to the session fee. Done by the magnificent Lea Beuhler. She always does such great natural hair and makeup that accentuate their natural beauty for the camera. 



 She would just make these jaw dropping looks! It was so fun capturing! 


 I love how the light was filtering in here. This was in a little ally in old folsom but it felt like we were somewhere exotic! 


 Kendall’s vibrant personality made this day so enjoyable. She had such range when it came to her different poses and expressions. I know mom and I both loved when she would smile so big her nose would crinkle like it did when she was a kiddo. 

 We eventually moved from old folsom to a beautiful grass field by an old barn. The sun was setting which made for some beautiful light.  

I always love when my clients bring beautiful signature pieces like her black hat. But this time I had just received this awesome fur vest from The Southern Bend an Instagram boutique. I knew she would be the perfect model for it!  She totally rocked that look! 

 That silly side kept coming out and I was eating it up!! 

 Right as the sunset we got a few shots on the train tracks looking on point with this cami dress and long sweater! 

 It was so special photographing Kendall. Her mom has been my dental hygienist since I was a young girl and I have heard about her all growing up. Finally getting to meet her and see how incredibly sweet and genuine she is just like her mom was such a treat!