Philip, Alycia and Baby Penny

 I was so pleased when Alycia contacted me to photograph her maternity and newborn pictures. I have known her handsome other half since he was a snot nosed little preschooler who annoyed the crap out of his older sister and myself. To my delight he has grown up to be a loving, nuturing and kind man and maybe a male model. I mean look at these two, they rocked this rustic maternity shoot at #lehmanbarn. 


 Can you say model eyes! 



Kiss that belly.  

 Alycia can totally rock this hat!!

 At the very end of the session a gorgeous sunset revealed itself and made for an amazing backdrop for our last few pictures. 







 Baby Penwood Rose has arrived and thanks to her daddy and some faulty autocorrect she has 

been giving a great nickname!! 



 You are just so cute I could just eat you!


 Gorgeous mommy love 



 Aunty Sammy picks out the cutest outfits. Too bad I didnt stay asleep long enough for aunty Mal Mals outfit!

 We got a smile!





 I just love getting to be a part of my friends and families special moments! It makes my job that much more fulfilling! Little Penelope Rose you are just the sweetest thing and I cannot wait to watch you grow!