Folsom Senior Photographer | TJ | Folsom High School

I love getting to do destination sessions! Getting out of town and discovering new locations, being in a new environment really gets my creative juices flowing! When TJ said Lake Tahoe I thought for sure he wanted to shoot at the lake! But when he said he wanted to shoot in the dense forest I was super excited! We drove around for a bit and as we were turning around to look some more, I saw it!! It was the perfect location for my vision as well as TJ’s! He knew exactly what he wanted for his senior portraits! He was more of a perfectionist than me and I appreciated it! I love that we captured all the sides of TJ, his charming personality, his sports, his faith and his addiction to Red Bull.  I think he might be the next model for them!

You can find TJ hanging out with his friends at youth group, playing one of the many sports he excels at or hiking and taking pictures with his new Go Pro. He also enjoys a nice relaxing siesta on his hammock. More recently TJ has been learning about hard work at his first job, Pieology. TJ is graduating from Folsom High and is excited about the possibility of going away to school and playing lacrosse. As of last week his top choices are Oregon State and Humboldt State! So excited to see what this guys future will be! 


Enjoy his senior session below and if you want more information on senior portraits click here!




















Folsom Family Photographer | TEAM TY-riffic

For the last year my friend Kim Armstrong and I have been trying to find the right time to photograph her little family. Especially Tyler, A sweet, handsome silly little boy. A boy who loves zombies, walking dead and all thing pirates. I knew him as a three year old boy in my preschool class who loved to stare at my feet to fall asleep during nap time, who if you could get one out of him gave the best hugs! This is who Ty is and I am going to leave my definition of him at that!  I am sure if you could talk to the several people that have been a part of his life they would have 100 page list of all things TY. 


Today I got to be part of his story on earth. I got to photograph him and his amazing family and nurses. While I wasn’t sure what I would be walking into when I arrived at the hospital, I knew there would be an overwhelming feeling of love. On top of that there was laughter, joking, teasing and maybe a few middle fingers directed at me! I don’t think Tyler was too keen on the idea of me sticking a camera in his face for an hour! Here is a just glimpse at some of people that make up TEAM TY-riffic. Thank you for letting me be part of today! 




















I have not been a part of Tyler’s story until today so I cannot even begin to tell it but am so grateful I got to hangout and laugh with all of them!  If you want to know more about Tyler and his family and their story please follow them on their facebook page. Or if you would like to donate please click here