MGP Model Team | Lake Tahoe Snow Shoot

I love going to the snow for photoshoots! It is just a fun change of pace and you get the chance to try out new things. I have been dying to do a team shoot in the snow and we finally got to do it this year! With of course a fun Valentine’s Day theme. The girls loved getting to hold the balloons in the photos. I suspect because it made them feel young again. You can’t not feel good carrying big ole balloons around! 

When you’re on the MGP Model team there are so many options for fun team shoots. Sometimes I come up with the ideas and sometimes the girls come up with them. Either way we always find a way to make it happen!

Oak Ridge High School Senior Pictures| Madi Ciampi | Melissa Goodland Photography

I love the vision Madi had for her session. She knew exactly what she wanted for her senior session which made the shoot that much more successful. A good direction and vision can really impact the way your portraits turn out. I know it can be overwhelming trying to plan out your shoot but that is why we have a planning consultation and a few phone consults leading up to the session. 


We started Madi’s session on R street because she wanted the look of the tall downtown buildings, then headed to the succulent garden at the capitol, and ended things with the city scape and tower bridge in the background. I really got to use my creative juices when it came to Madi’s session. She was such a natural in front camera and was really good and flow posing!