El Dorado Hills Family Photographer | Walker Family

Guys you know that dream you have when you oversleep and completely miss a very important event, meeting, appointment? Well this happened to me with the Walker session. I had one, overslept and two, written the time down wrong! I didn’t completely miss the session but was a half hour late to it. Thankfully it is a family that I have been photographing forever and they have become like family. We also would have never found this gorgeous location with all these amazing flowers. They drove around for a bit while waiting and came across this location. 










 We then moved onto to the original location and had some fun with apple donuts for the kids and apples for mom and dad!! love these parents faces!! 







 I love getting to try new ideas out with families that I have been working with for a while and are up for anything! Thank you Walkers for another amazing session! 


Folsom Family Photographer | Brodzky Family

I photographed my best friend’s beautiful family last week on their property in Auburn. This family means so much to me and I was so honored to photograph this new stage in their life!  These two little guys are the world to me. Rachel and I grew up next door to each other so when she was one of first of my friends to have babies I was so jazzed. They call me MiMi just like my nieces and nephews do and it makes my heart melt every time. 


This property is a piece of heaven. Are you jealous because I sure am! They are working so hard on developing it into their own. It was so much fun exploring with these little guys as leaders.