When I am on the other side of the camera and having to plan a session for myself I get so overwhelmed. I get it guys! I have been in your shoes! The planning is the hardest part of your session but it is also the most important. Having a well thought out session is crucial to having a beautiful final product. You will be giving yourself a pat on the back when you view your photos the more time you put in before hand! To help with this process I have put together three things you can do to get started.


1. Your Style


Your style is extension of who you are. These photos are representing you at this age, make sure you are creating outfits that scream you! Putting together outfits that are nicely stylized can really up the WOW factor in your portraits. Why you ask?  You are paying for professional portraits which means you want yourself to look put together as well. Our senior sessions include Hair and Makeup so do not cut corners on your clothing choices. This does not mean you have to spend a small fortune on new clothes but it does mean that you cannot throw together a few outfits hours before the shoot. Plan out your outfits and think about your style and the type of setting you want when deciding on what to wear.  Check our what to wear guide for more tips and tricks.  





2. Your Location 


A photographer can take a great photo anywhere so don’t be shy in suggesting locations, even if you aren’t sure of the setting. You can leave it up to your photographer to choose but let me tell you a secret, we love hearing your suggestions!!! It gives us a chance to try out new places and experiment. Creative locations are always fun to play around with. Sit down and think about any places you have been that hold a special place in your heart or any hobbies or interest that have a location that would add to the photo. I had a client that loved reading so we found an old book store and shot in there. Or one that loved music so we found a record store. Maybe your dad used to take you to an old 50’s ice cream shop when you were a kid and going there would bring back such fond memories. Or maybe you love horseback riding and you know of a gorgeous riding stable! The possibilities are endless if you try and incorporate part of yourself when deciding your location.   





3. Your Story 


Think about what you want to convey with your senior photos. Are just wanting pretty pictures or are you wanting to look back in 10 or 50 years and remember who you were when you took these. Think of your senior session as a time capsule of your time on this earth up until now. What will you tell your grandkids someday about who grammy was when she was just 18. Did she have a certain book that she read a million times or a hat she always wore. Did she play an instrument or was she the star pitcher for her high school softball team. Think really hard what you could add to your portraits to really signify who you were at 18! This is your story to tell, let you photographer tell it passionately and accurately!