Vanessa contacted me back in the summer to photograph her sweet little family. They had recently moved back from North Carolina and was looking for a photographer similar to who they had used where they previously had lived and she found that my work met those needs. Before I even asked her who she had used in North Carolina I was secretly hoping It was Tamara Lackey Studios (My photography idol!) and when those words came out of her mouth I was dumbfounded and so honored to be mentioned in the same sentence as her! I was so excited and quite nervous hoping my work was comparable!! Fast forward a few months and I get to meet her lovely family! Now I know I am a good photographer but boy did their little spitfire two year old make my job easy! 

 I just couldn’t get over the way she waddled down the walkway it was the cutest thing and when you caleld her name and she looked back she always had a smile on her face. 

 I mean how often do you get this shot on the first try. Usually baby is pulling away and definately not looking at the camera smiling! 

 I loved capturing every little detail that was Selma. From her cute little red shoes and chubby legs to the sweet way she explored every last bit of the park. 

 She sure enjoys her mommy and daddy! 

I mean really how many sweet poses can we get with this family!  

 Does anybody else get lost in those gorgeous eyes!

 Peek-a-boo I see you!

 I can tell she is always making her parents laugh and they are always making her giggle! 



 As the afternoon started to come to an end little miss was getting tired which meant for lots of sweet moments cuddling up with mommy and daddy. 


 But of course there is always enough energy to fly high in the air with daddy. 


I can tell that these three have such a crazy time together and never take life too seriously! Getting to hang with them for the afternoon helped me to remember to appreciate the sweet, silly and meltdown moments because all those moments make up the memory of who your child was at that time.