Growing up I always loved sunflowers. So much so that when I grew out of my Minnie mouse stage and the pink walls and decals came down I opted for a border of sunflower wallpaper. My grandmother made me a sunflower quilt and I always chomped on sunflower seeds during softball games. I LOVED SUNFLOWERS and still do to this day. With it being sunflower season in California I decided I needed to do a passion shoot. A shoot just for me and my creativity. Something to feed my soul and to spend sometime with some awesome seniors. 


We piled in the car and started driving down highway 50 until we saw sunflowers on the side of the road. Which brought us to Davis by the soccer fields. We pulled up and of course we weren’t the only ones their. Every photographer within a 50 mile radius is eager to photograph these beautiful flowers, they are only at their best for a few weeks out of the year! We waited our turn and then shot a way. By this point the delta breeze was hitting and the sun was starting to dip. Perfect setting for what I wanted to convey in these portraits. The girls were such good sports with the wind and the temperature dropping pretty fast. When I was photographing one girl the other would be holding my big oval reflector and that thing could catch some air. At one point I thought it was going to take us out! 



These fields made these girls radiate happiness! 







At the end of the shoot we pulled out the American flag and got a little patriotic. What isn’t more American than an American flag, sunflowers and some colorful bandannas. We were all freezing at this point but we got some beautiful shots.



After I treated these girls to some yummy Pizza. Thank you ladies for being the perfect models! 

DISCLAIMER: WE made sure to stay on the outside of the fields and were cautious not to damage any flowers. we all need to remember that this is someones property and their livelihood and to be very respectful of it! Asking permission is always good also!