I find any excuse to go into downtown Sacramento, it is one of my favorite places to be! So when my reps had the same enthusiasm about the idea of having their spring shootout there I knew I had selected the right girls! The fun thing about shooting in downtown is that you can just drive around and find the location. This first location Grace actually picked out! The texture of the leaves contrasted well with their bright spring colors! 


 Jessica has the most stunning eyes and sleek straight hair! When she looked at the camera it was breathtaking.

 Miss Bailey and her perfectly pouty lips! She is such a naturally at creating the perfect pose.

 Grace had such a playful vibe about her one she found the perfect brick wall to go with her jumpsuit! 


The girls were so excited about their Good Vibes team shirts I made for them we had to incorporate them in to the session. Another location we just happened upon with more green ivy! Green is my favorite color! Another indicator that these girls were meant to be my reps! 


 Right next to all the green was this killer old Italian car repair shop that had these great Vespas that they let us use. The owner is so sweet. 





 With the sun setting on our session we took a moment to get one last see you later shot! Had a great day bonding with these fabulous girls. 


HMU: Lea Buehler B Gorgeous

Location: Barber’s Shop