I have recently gotten back into photographing the newbies. I stopped doing it for a while because I was no longer feeling passionate about it! I was also spending hours on a session trying to get the perfectly posed sleeping baby. I quickly realized this is not me. I am someone who likes to prep the scene and then see how it plays out. 


I also did not have a studio and showing up at a clients houses and not knowing what the lighting would be like gave me knots in my stomach. Now I rent the lovely Bloom Collective in Roseville and my sessions are so relaxing and fun! 


This family I have known since their mama was in high school and have been photographing them since older sis was a little baby. It make me so happy and fills my cup up knowing that my clients consistently come back to me for the big moments. I am so grateful to them for supporting my small business. 






 I finally got a smile out of her at the very end!