First birthdays are a big freaking deal! Your baby is one and this could be the first professional photo you have taken with your family! You might have taken newborn photos but more than likely you barely remember them from being in that newborn fog and you probably were not feeling your best that day. This day is just as much about you as it is about the little person you created. You are starting to feel like yourself again and hopefully settling into this thing called parenthood. It is time to celebrate the whole family! 


For Cullen’s first birthday session mama wanted to celebrate his birthday being in October by obvi going to Apple hill! What else do you do when you live half hour away from one of the prettiest places in Autumn! He did such a good job snuggling mommy and daddy but he really found his groove once he found the apples and cake! 


 The many faces of Cullen and that flirty head tilt had my ovaries hurting for sure!! 


 Grammy and Grandpa joined in on the fun too!



 It is always unpredictable how the kiddo will act when presented with a tower of frosting. They are never sure what it is and what to do with it. But this little guy knew right away what to do!! Watch out jenny he has a sweet tooth for sure!

 Loved these last few moments loving on eachother. Fun fact this quilt was passed down a few generations to me from my grandmother who passed away this year. This was the first time using it during a session. I will def forever remember this session for that reason.

 What a wonderful day in one of my favorite places. See I am an October baby too and going to Apple hill as many times as possible during the fall is always my goal!