I am absolutely obsessed with the fact that Ashley wanted to take pics in her cap and gown in front of Folsom High. Why? Folsom High is my Alma Mater! Yes that’s right, Class of 2003 baby! Did I just inadvertently tell you how old I am? Dang! Most of my clients think  I am fresh out of college, now the secret is out! 


I loved how much of a planner Ashley was for her session. She was on top of every detail and read every last word of the information I sent her to prep for the session. Which made for these amazing images and resulted in her being super happy with the end product! 


 I also am in love with the Giants setup we did in the bleachers at the school. Girl after my own heart. I sat in those bleachers many times cheering on our baseball team. 




 The placement of the sun in this shot is only there for about five minutes of the day. I turned the corner to this location saw the sun and said quick go stand over there. Just heavenly! 




I always enfourage parents to be ready to jump in a shot or two with their senior during the shoot. Sometimes they take me up on the offer and we get people portratis like these!