I met miss Bailey a few years ago while photographing her family for a magazine. I instantly felt connected to this family. Not only were they fun and adventurous but they loved spending time together. Bailey right away struck me as a model. I put her in front of my camera and she knew what to do. When it was time to create my first senior model program I was so thrilled when she applied to join. She was exactly the kind of girl I was looking for. One who valued the art of modeling and photography but also valued being genuine.  I have gotten to know Bailey pretty well and am so impressed with the person she is becoming.  She cares so deeply about others, fills the room with this contagious energy and sees the value in gaining knowledge from the people she surrounds herself with. 


Her senior session was exactly her… sweet, funky and adventurous. 


 This image above won me my very first award of Top 25 up & coming senior photographers! Thank you Bailey for being such a graceful, thoughtful and poised women! 


 Can you believe her eyes in this one!! LIKE WOW!!!!!! 


 It is always interesting to me which images mom decides to choose as their larger prints. This one in the middle was the one they printed big!!! Beautiful! 


 I’m pretty sure this one on the left belongs in a magazine! 



 Those eyelashes! 



 I am so glad Bailey risked getting in the water for these shots! This last one is my favorite. She has got the dancers arch for sure here!



HMUA: Lea Beauler