Juliane was in her element traipsing around downtown Sacramento finding beautiful murals and retro buildings to pose in front of. I knew right from the get go at our consultation that this is the type of location fit for Juliane’s senior portrait experience. I also knew from our wardrobe consult what look she was going for and the color pallet to look for when location scouting. I always try to find the right background to compliment what the client is wearing. 


This girl has some dedicated parents, they hauled this paint setup all around downtown Sacramento! Such troopers! But it was all worth it to capture this beautiful scene in Capitol park!


 This sun flare was everything! 

 We decided to throw her hair up for a few shots and as her mom was putting it up I stopped them and started shooting. Her mom loved this hair in the face authentic moment! 




 The artist in her was all about this shot next to the Frida Kalho mural! IT was the most perfect last shot of the session. With that being said- ” That’s a wrap!”