We started Maya’s session at the now closing Dimple records in Folsom. This place was iconic for all of those who grew up here and I am so sad to see it close. I am so glad I got to do one last shoot here! Maya is a music lover so this location was perfect for her. 



 We later went to another iconic location- Sunflower drive in in Fair Oaks. Maya and her friends went here for their prom dinner!  So of course we had to capture her in her prom dress. It was fun to see all the patrons watching thinking that this was for some magazine or something. 










We ended the day in the pool, which is probably typical for this girl. She has been on the swim team and teaching swim for quite sometime. It is probably safe to say Maya spends most of her time in the water! I love creating artwork around my clients interests and hobbies. It makes the session so much more memorable. The day was scorcher but we had the pool to look forward to. Every moment I get with this gal is always so incredible!