I try to get to know my seniors before their senior session. First I have a initial consultation with them and then we will chat off and on on the phone about what they want for their session. It is important to me to understand their vibe. I also will fiercely stalk their Instagram feed in order to get to know them better and know their style. When I searched through Negeen’s feed I could tell she was a free spirit. Someone who could hangout on a hammock listening to old rock music or go sit on the beach and meditate for hours. She also is a jack of all trades. She is amazing at yoga, rides horses, plays the ukulele and loves music plus much more. I loved getting a chance to feature many of these talents in her session. 


 We started our session out in Dimple Records, which brought me back to when I was a kid in the 90’s! The 90’s were the best! I am so glad I grew up in that decade. 













 This girl, doing this yoga pose on a rock in the middle of the water- thank god she didn’t fall in!!! 





 Negeen your eyebrows are so on point I cant even handle this. I seriously have to draw in my eyebrows and still you can barely see them. 


 How cute are Ukuleles? They are tiny little guitars and i just love them!  I want to learn to play. 


Girl I want to be when you grow up! Can you teach me how to be this talented!!