Folsom high school senior waking along beach at Lake Natoma


Hello! I'm Melissa

 Hello!!! Thank you so much for coming to visit my small business. I'm Melissa and I just love taking pictures and learning everyone's story! I'm a wife to a  rocket scientist and step mom handsome ten-year-old boy!  Photography has become my creative outlet outside of an engineer driven home :).  I especially love photographing senior girls, because well, simply, I once was one and I just loved that time in my life! I also love photographing families and finding their connection between each other. I cannot wait to review a session and see their story unfold in their series of images.  


 I started my journey as a photographer with my father's old Minolta camera and few images of my mother in hand and a desire to be like my dad! This teenage passion eventually molded into my life's work. I started off photographing everything I could to gain the experience and finally landed on seniors and family.


On the weekends you can find me and my family at the local coffee shop, farmer's market or in the kitchen cooking. When I am not with my family you can find me cozy in my bed watching the Bachelor, This is us or anything that makes me cry. I LOVE WATCHING TV!


I believe in allowing everyone the opportunity to tell their story.

headshot portrait in city


El Dorado Hills senior styled portrait



the journey

We have created a reputation for being one of the leading photographers in the area. We are a boutique studio and take a limited amount of clients per month. This allows us to focus on each client individually. It also means we sell out most months. 


We start each booking with a pre-consultation meeting. This is where we go over your plans for the session: the location, outfit and package ideas. This allows us to have a clear vision of what we are shooting. Then we go scouting for a location. 

Day of 

If you are a high school senior girl your session starts in my home with hair and makeup! It is also a great time to chat about the day and warm up! If you are a family you also can get hair and makeup done if you so wish! Otherwise,  we meet at the location on time! Our sessions are always planned around the sun. Showing up late means we might not have enough light for the entire session. We do a combination of posed and lifestyle shots and just have fun! I always arrive early to find the best spots to shoot. We also will take a few minutes to chat and get comfortable. If you have kiddos allow them to be ornery as long as you are smiling through it we will get some amazing shots. DONT BE AFRAID TO BRIBE THEM!! 

After Session

We will have a session premiere within two weeks after your session at my home office. We will watch a slideshow, review all your images and rate them. THIS IS WHEN WILL PLACE YOUR ORDER. 


Once your order is placed we will start working on the images. Orders can take between 2 weeks to a month depending on the items you purchase. 





Roseville Family picture lifestyle

the investment

We specialize in offering the ultimate experience with unique, custom-made art pieces for our clients. We have made it our mission to gather some of the most unique and highest quality products out there today. We have heirloom masterpieces that will last for decades. We have bundled some of our finest products into packages and offer a variety of "specialty items" for those who want a more custom experience.


Collections start at: $700

A La Carte begins at: $75