One year old Jett and I recently had a play date at Castle Park in Folsom.  A place of many fond memories for his mother and I. Where many after school shenanigans took place and endless hours of laughter.  Brittany (Jett’s mom) and I were only acquaintances growing up. Being a year apart in school we had many mutual friends and experiences that tied us together but never really became friends. It wasn’t until years later when Miss Anderson became Mrs. Smith and then Mommy Smith that our friendship has grown and I have been so blessed to watch her children grow up into little people! 


So back to Jett and my play date. This play date was not like most of my play dates with my little people I photograph. This time we had a real super cool airplane prop (provided by another one of my clients! I love having awesome clients) I mean rightfully so for a boy named JETT!! Gotta have a theme with that name! And boy does his name fit! I think you might have a future pilot in your hands Brittany because we could not tear that boy away from his airplane. He made sure to put his hands on every last piece of that plane. I think he had found his first love! He was definitely Mr. Popular at the park that day with kids lining up to see the rad airplane and the boy who flew it!



You would think that he would have pitched a fit like any one year old would have when it was time to move on to the next thing but no not even-tempered Jett! He was ready for the next adventure of the day! We played for a few minutes on the swings and then it was time for CAKE!!!! Who doesn’t have a custom made delicious cake made for them on their first birthday?! Jett delicately had a few bites of cake and then smashed his hands in and squished around. Talk about some sensory integration! 


He enjoyed that cake and then the adults dug in also! Couldn’t let good cake go to waste! 

What a walk in the park this session was. I can always count on Jett to deliver the smiles! 


Your playmate,