It was such a delight to catch up with these little gentlemen.  This drought has been really tough on California but it has also unveiled some gorgeous foregrown for photographers to take full advantage of.  Im channeling my glass half full side!  If it was a rainy season all these rocks (that make natural seating) would most likely be under water. With a beautiful bed of rocks, an aging rainbow bridge and a growing Kosciuk Family… in height not numbers (I mean look at those long legs on those boys) it made for a beautiful evening.  

Mr B! is it for baseball or Braden? The two do go hand in hand!  

 Mr. Adam or shall we say Scotty. I’m pretty sure its the cutest thing ever that his mom calls him that and it was pretty much his name by the end of the shoot if it was up to me! 


It was such a delight to catch up with these little gentlemen.  I had the pleasure of teaching them in preschool as well as many nights of babysitting followed by great conversation with Jen and Ryan after they returned from their date night.







 Such a sweet family and wow do they take a great portrait! We still have some green on those trees, and a few spots open in June and July for family portraits sessions! To book call 916-390-6627.