When Dawn contacted me for her sons newborn session he had already been born and she was in a frenzy trying to find a photographer who would be willing to take her “older” newborn.  Many photographers will not photograph a baby past 15 days old and with good reason.  When babies are within their first 15 days they are much more malleable and can be soothed easily. I prefer between 5-10 days old, this way they umbilical cord has fallen off and the baby has not quite started to get that wonderful baby acne. I also find that after 10 days they go through a big growth spurt and they are constantly startling themselves awake. However, when a mother calls me in desperation wanting so badly to capture her new lovely in that first month, who am I to turn her down! So was the case with Dawn. We booked her session right away and prayed the little man would be cooperative.


A few days later Dawn arrived at my door worried that all those cute poses she had seen on Pinterest would not be achieved with her month old little man. I quickly calmed her nerves and got to work.  However, little Crew was not in the sleeping mood that afternoon and so I started the morning with some cute wide eyed poses to show off Crew’s handsome eyes and of course some poses with big sis! The way Wren cradled Crew in her arms spoke volumes to her gentle and sweet nature. I couldn’t believe how patient she was while Mr. man cried in her arms. Eventually we calmed him down and we got some sweet shots of them together.


Once we got THE SHOT with sister it was time to get THE SHOT of Crew asleep looking all cuddly! This took a little while. Like I said at this age they like to startle themselves awake quite a bit and so was the case with Crew. I kept assuring Dawn to not worry not only were we going to get the shot but I was getting my baby fix (don’t tell Andre but I have got some serious baby fever!).  Once I was sure little man was asleep it was time to work some magic (quiet, gentle, slow moving magic!). We had about two minutes to nail a few sleepy poses and then Crew was wide-awake again! But I was able to get some great shots and mommy was very pleased!



This little guy was worth the challenge and I must say that if we would have shot him earlier we might not have been able to capture those gorgeous gorgeous eyes!