Well this blog post is way overdue but I couldn’t help but post these precious moments I got with the Mahoney family. Little Victoria is such a sassafras with her little grey elephant, Baby.  She did not want to put that thing down! Their session took place by the salmon falls bridge in this cute area where most people don’t think to stop besides the occasional fishermen. I’m pretty sure those guys were not our biggest fans that day and left with less than the desired amount of fish. We were pretty loud trying to get miss stubborn to break that straight face!! 





 I don’t normally ask clients to say “CHEESE” because you get a fake cheesey smile that way. Of course I did not ask Victoria to say “Cheese” but I still got this cheesey smile!! 




 Her mommy and daddy can definately provoke her to giggle and smile!


 Oh the many smiles of Victoria!! 


 The lake made for such a breathtaking background and we finally got some genuine smiles from miss thang!! 


I love when I capture sweet moments like these. She loved picking all the flowers!  




 I have a feeling this girl is going to take many adventures in her life!! Watch out mommy and daddy soon enough this girl will be traveling all across the world breaking hearts! 

Love when littles naturally pose their hands just right!!  



   Miss Sassafras might turn on that attitude but she also definitely knows how to butter you up and turn the sweet on. Such a spirited kid who definitely is too smart for her own good!! Love watching her grow into her own self each year!!