AHHHHH my shoot is in two days and I have no idea what I am going to wear!!!! Your wardrobe plays a huge part in how your senior portraits turn out. It makes your photos go from great to fabulous! I know this can be the most challenging part to your session. Getting your wardrobe together takes time and you should never wait until the last minute to find everything. This is why I recommend booking your session a few months in advance so you have time to look for the perfect pieces. 


 1. Plan Ahead 

Book your session a month or so out to give yourself enough time to put outfits together and shop for new items. This allows for you to shop sales or play around with different ideas. Sometimes you need a few shopping trips to find the right items. 


 2. Create an Inspiration Board 

2. Create inspiration board

What did we do before Pinterest? If you do not have Pinterest then your a lost cause. JK JK but seriously you need to create yourself an account!! Check out my Pinterest board to get started and then create your own board of pins that match your style. Whenever I am planning a new haircut or redecorating a room in my house I always begin on Pinterest. 



 3. Pull Pieces from Your Closet 


Once you have created an inspiration board on Pinterest and before you go out and buy a whole new wardrobe look through your closet with fresh eyes and see if you already have any of the items. Pull out that funky outfit you have in the back of you closet you never wear but would look epic in a picture, or set aside that prom dress that would look so cool next to your uncles old classic car. 


 4. Think Outside of the Box 


You want variety in your looks. It is nice to play it safe with one or two looks because those are images Gramma Donna or Aunt Lynette might want on their fireplace but we also want these portraits to be an expression of you. Look on your Pinterest board and see if there are any looks that are out of the box for you and try it out! 





 5. Accessorize! 


This is very important piece of the puzzle. Adding a statement necklace or an awesome hat can make your images go from pretty to extraordinary. Accessories can pull the whole look together so do not leave them out. Try looking at Charming Charlie or Forever 21 for some inexpensive statement pieces.  Accessories can also mean adding props when the scene calls for it. This can be instrumental in telling your story and adding a personal touch to your images. 





 6. Stay Away From…


Try to find clothes that fit you and are not too flowy It might make you feel slimmer but it can also cause you not to have much shape. The eye wants to see shape in an image. Try googling your body type to see what type of cuts look best on you! 


Avoid any logos on clothing and crazy loud prints. If you are going to have a loud print make sure we find a location that is more plain in order not to clash with our background. 


MOST OF ALL YOU WANT TO FEEL COMFORTABLE AND YOURSELF. Have fun with the process and get a little creative and remember I am always hear to advice and my wardrobe closet is always here to rescue you! 



 Where to Shop: 

Apricot Lane

Ambiance (in Placerville or Folsom)

Forever 21 



American Eagle

Crossroads Trading Post