Vista Del Lago Senior Pictures | Rachel Ocampo | Melissa Goodland Photography

Meet Rachel, a senior at Vista Del Lago High school. What I loved about Rachel’s session is that she put a lot of thought into the locations she wanted. She holds a lot of sentimental value associated with Old Folsom. In fact if you scroll down you can see Rachel posing in front of Hacienda Del Rio Restaurant, the place her parents met. As well as in front of Sutter Street Grill, a place she used to go as a child often. Unfortunately the owners of Sutter Street Grill retired right before her session but the sign was still on the windows as you can see in the pictures below. 

It makes such a difference in your session when you put thought into your locations and outfits. The pictures will hold so much more meaning later on when you look back at them. During your consultation we will go over all these important details.

Later we went down to the water and Rachel was so stunning in a blue flowy dress. I love photographing seniors with the rainbow bridge in the background. 

Pleasant Grove High School Senior | Sydney Langford | Class of 2021

Meet Sydney, a senior at Pleasant Grove High School and a model with the MGP 2021 team. Sydney has added so much to our team this year. I Met her during her boyfriend’s ordering appointment last year and knew right away I wanted her on the team. She has such a calm demeanor and is game for anything, like sitting in the middle of the road for this oh, so sweet shot! She just lets out a little giggle and then says “OK!” 

Syd really wanted her senior pictures taken next to a barn and because this girl loves going on drives, her and her mom went looking all over for barns, where we wouldn’t be trespassing. Thankfully, we found this barn on the side of the road which was perfect. Then we headed back to Folsom and down to Lake Natoma to get some gorgeous photos by and in the water. When you have two bodies of water in your town it is always a fan favorite to have some portraits taken by the water. 

Kind, sweet Sydney has a lot planned for her future. She wants to be a cosmetologist and medical assistant, perhaps going to Paul Mitchell or BYU. She plans to also go on a mission in a few years! This girl has high hopes for the future and I can see why! 

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your senior year and hopefully giving one thing that was normal in 2020!


Sayonara 2020

Sayonara 2020 Its been real… enlightening, challenging, boring and well just unlike any other year. We have questioned every fiber of what normal looks like and what life is supposed to be. It has been quite the existential crisis for some. It has also brought people together and helped them find their “Tribe”.

I highly recommend picking up and reading Tribe, by Sebastian Junger. Junger lays out the importance of having a tribe. Jerry Landrums Synopsis of the book points  to  he juxtaposes American Indian tribal society against modern American society. Tribal communities faced existential challenges ranging from starvation to murderous attacks from other tribes. In order to survive, each member had to do their part. Because of their loyalty to the group, freeloading, treason, and cowardice were rare occurrences; but when they did occur, the tribe acted decisively. In modern society, such cooperation for survival is not necessary. There is no need to work together in agricultural or hunting endeavors to survive. The result is a comfortable but isolated way of life.” I see this becoming so relevant right now. During a time of such such unknown, people are holding on tight to their beliefs more than ever and have found solace in finding like minded individuals. Their tribe is formed and through it they find their voice.

Now this post was not intended to get philosophical. It was meant to show off the fun shoot I did last year with my seniors right before 2020 hit. My seniors had so much excitement in their eyes getting ready to turn the corner into their last semester in school and venturing out into the real world. But the real world slapped them in the face in March when they learned that their little bubble of high school had been penetrated and all the excitement they looked forward to in the coming months would be stripped away from them. What did they do? Sure they cried and sulked for a few days but most of all they persevered and were resilient. They found new ways to celebrate, some were so creative.I was so proud of these seniors. Just as I am so proud of this year seniors.

This next year will bring so many challenges just like the previous but with time we learn to adapt to the new normal and we start to find importance in things that might not have been as clearly layout to us before. We have learned that we crave connection with others and we cannot get every joy in life from our devices. I hope for you that this year brings clarity it what really matters. That you can find your tribe and feel a connection with someone.

Folsom Senior Photographer | Sydney Sackmann | VDLHS

Throwback Thursday features miss Sydney and her senior portraits from this past summer. Sydney is Miss Folsom with all of her extra circular activities and involvement at school and the cheer team. She devotes a lot of her time to her school and keeping their spirits high during Covid! I am proud to have her on my model team this year. She has added so much to the team.

We took Sydney’s senior portraits in Old Folsom and down at Lake Natoma. Really paying homage to her hometown! If you know Sydney you know she is one of the most polite girls you’ll ever know. I cannot count the amount of times she said thank you during our session. I can still hear her sweet voice every time she saw a picture on the back of my camera she liked. we had such a fun day.

Folsom girl senior photographer
Folsom girl senior photographer

This red shirt and shoes really made these images pop. I love when my clients really coordinate their outfits it makes the images that much more visually appealing. 

Folsom girl senior photographer
Folsom girl senior photographer
Folsom girl senior photographer
Folsom girl senior photographer
Folsom girl senior photography
Folsom girl senior photography
Folsom girl senior photography
Folsom girl senior photography
Folsom girl senior photography
Folsom girl senior photography
Folsom girl senior photography
Folsom girl senior photography
Folsom girl senior photography
Folsom girl senior photography
Folsom girl senior photography

When she put that blue dress on and was all in about getting in the water, I just knew we had some magical moments to capture in the water! The photos we got were breathtaking! 

MGP Class of 2021 Model Team | Christmas Tree Session

These ladies have been such champs during Covid and not getting a chance to do much as a team. We had a small window before Thanksgiving where restrictions were lifted and we were able to get together for this fun session in this gorgeous Christmas tree farm. This is my fourth model team and every year it just gets better and better. We have found new ways to bond and get together during this tough time and it has brought us closer together as a team. Every time we get together I see the bond between them grow and it makes me so proud of the team I have created! These girls are amazing! 


We even shot a fun TikTok!! 

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and try to make the best of this tough time. 

Folsom Senior Photographer | Grace Cole | Lake Tahoe

TALENT! TALENT! TALENT! This girl has so many talents- from dancing to Cheerleading to a young philanthropist through the girl scouts. I am so impressed by her drive, compassion, and kindness. We decided to spend the day in one of her favorite places, Lake Tahoe! But lets back up bit to the moment I knew I wanted to work with Grace. I had found her through mutual friends/clients and could tell she was exactly the kind of senior I wanted to work with. At the time we were not able to work together but by a twist of fate she showed up at my office one day for a consultation (her mom had booked the appointment and I didn’t know it was her coming in). We talked about her vision for the shoot and what I envisioned, we definitely were on the same page. Her mom, mine and Grace’s energy were the same and I knew this session was going to be so much fun! Fast forward to the day of the session and the gratefulness that they showed me the entire session it just touched my heart so much. They had been bummed Grace hadn’t been able to join my Senior Model Team in the beginning of the year and at one point they expressed that. In that moment I knew I needed to welcome her onto the team. We had just lost a girl due to a move out of state, I paused and said “well actually we do still have an open spot.” I have never seen anyone so excited, and I am talking about her mom hahaha! she literally jumped in the air and expressed “Oh Melissa are you serious?” I was very serious! Grace and her mom got so excited and it just made my whole year! I need this type of energy in my life always! 

I love getting the chance to photograph my seniors with their parents. Jennifer was crying so much in the photo it was so touching. Off in the distance you can see their condo which made it so special to shoot in this location. Peep the dancing queen in these next photos! 

Destination shoots are so much fun! You get to explore new spaces and it really helps my creative juices flow shooting in new spots. We wrapped up her session on the beach of course showing off her cheer skills and then ended the night having a nice dinner together and amazing conversation. I love getting to go to dinner after with my clients it adds so much to the experience and I get to know them on whole other level. Thank you Grace and Jennifer for such a wonderful day! 



Senior Members

We are looking for junior girls from all over to be part of the MGP Model Team! We have lots of new things happening this year and we want YOU to be in on it! Check out all the details on how YOU can apply to be PART OF OUR NEXT TEAM! Get ready to have a blast! 


The Details 


We will be opening up 15 spots for Juniors in Sacramento and El Dorado County. These exclusive spots will go quickly, APPLY  NOW!! Here are some of the perks of being on our team.




Get ready to be a little EXTRA this next year because you will be part of two styled concept shoots with Melissa Goodland Photography! We are already dreaming up some amazing ideas! 


You will also receive invitations to other themed shoots dreamed up during the year as well as a destination shoot! 




This year we will be bringing the Compassion project to your school! More information will be provided during our informational meeting. 




MGP models receive invitations to exclusive VIP social events. We will have themed parties as well as a reveal party where we will show a movie of all the shoots throughout the year! 


You will also receive exclusive swag (including but not limited to: MGP Tee, Magazine with you on the cover, custom app, ect.) 




You will receive VIP registration to our Family Mini sessions in the fall. These events sell out in the summer! You will get early registration and a gift certificate for the session. 




Once you have had a few model shoots under your belt you will have your very own one on one senior portrait experience. You are center stage for this one. your senior experience will focus on your personality and who you are at this ver moment!  Most senior models say that they are so happy they did the modeling program because they got so much more out of their senior session. They felt more relaxed and knew what to do! 


The Investment


If you are selected to be part of The MGP Modeling Program is $395 for an experience of a lifetime! Having your session with MGP is a requirement for being part of the MGP Model team your Styled Senior Session fee ($300) is included in the program. Digital Collections, prints, and photo products are sold separately. 


Each model will be selected to be in 2 shoots during our program. Models will be required to bring in clothing/accessories to our team styling meetings that fit the set that they are selected to be a part of. We will help with the selection process and provide examples, but it is up to the model to get the outfits together. We have several tips to save you money and minimize cost. 


We will be providing makeup for one of the themed shoots. The other shoots will be at your expense but are requirements to be part of the shoot. 






If you are selected to be part of The MGP Modeling Program you will be representing MGP exclusively until you graduate and have your senior portraits taken by MGP. You and your parents will sign a contract 





The application process for the Class of 2019 MGP Senior Model Team begins FRIDAY JANUARY 5th Applications will be reviewed by MGP and the current model team. We are looking for students that are kind, creative, looking to make new friends, have the drive to make a difference in the world and of course, love styled photoshoots! Prior modeling experience is not required! 








Click Here To Apply 




Your Time is now! Class of 2019!!!


Folsom high school senior waking along beach at Lake Natoma


Hello! I'm Melissa

 Hello!!! Thank you so much for coming to visit my small business. I'm Melissa and I just love taking pictures and learning everyone's story! I'm a wife to a  rocket scientist and step mom handsome ten-year-old boy!  Photography has become my creative outlet outside of an engineer driven home :).  I especially love photographing senior girls, because well, simply, I once was one and I just loved that time in my life! I also love photographing families and finding their connection between each other. I cannot wait to review a session and see their story unfold in their series of images.  


 I started my journey as a photographer with my father's old Minolta camera and few images of my mother in hand and a desire to be like my dad! This teenage passion eventually molded into my life's work. I started off photographing everything I could to gain the experience and finally landed on seniors and family.


On the weekends you can find me and my family at the local coffee shop, farmer's market or in the kitchen cooking. When I am not with my family you can find me cozy in my bed watching the Bachelor, This is us or anything that makes me cry. I LOVE WATCHING TV!


I believe in allowing everyone the opportunity to tell their story.

headshot portrait in city


El Dorado Hills senior styled portrait



the journey

We have created a reputation for being one of the leading photographers in the area. We are a boutique studio and take a limited amount of clients per month. This allows us to focus on each client individually. It also means we sell out most months. 


We start each booking with a pre-consultation meeting. This is where we go over your plans for the session: the location, outfit and package ideas. This allows us to have a clear vision of what we are shooting. Then we go scouting for a location. 

Day of 

If you are a high school senior girl your session starts in my home with hair and makeup! It is also a great time to chat about the day and warm up! If you are a family you also can get hair and makeup done if you so wish! Otherwise,  we meet at the location on time! Our sessions are always planned around the sun. Showing up late means we might not have enough light for the entire session. We do a combination of posed and lifestyle shots and just have fun! I always arrive early to find the best spots to shoot. We also will take a few minutes to chat and get comfortable. If you have kiddos allow them to be ornery as long as you are smiling through it we will get some amazing shots. DONT BE AFRAID TO BRIBE THEM!! 

After Session

We will have a session premiere within two weeks after your session at my home office. We will watch a slideshow, review all your images and rate them. THIS IS WHEN WILL PLACE YOUR ORDER. 


Once your order is placed we will start working on the images. Orders can take between 2 weeks to a month depending on the items you purchase. 





Roseville Family picture lifestyle

the investment

We specialize in offering the ultimate experience with unique, custom-made art pieces for our clients. We have made it our mission to gather some of the most unique and highest quality products out there today. We have heirloom masterpieces that will last for decades. We have bundled some of our finest products into packages and offer a variety of "specialty items" for those who want a more custom experience.


Collections start at: $700

A La Carte begins at: $75