El Dorado Hills Senior Photography | Sydney Fechtner | ORHS

We started Sydney’s senior portrait session in the Almond orchards. Her outfits went so perfectly with this backdrop. She reminds me of Paris Hilton in some of these shots! We then traveled over to the river front and got some really amazing shots by this big glass buidling. Sydney will be attending fashion school i the fall and you can just tell by her outfits that she is made for it! 















The Gray Family | Folsom Family Photographer

It makes my heart soar when family reaches out to me to photograph their milestones in life. I love being part of this special time and I so appreciate them trusting me to capture it! Little Gabe turned 1 and boy is he the sweetest kid ever! He can be pretty shy but once he warms up to you he is such a little lover. I savored every time he reached for me and gave me big hugs.

























El Dorado Hills Senior Photographer | Hannah Whitton | ORHS

All I can say about Hannah is amazing things! We had the most fun at our session. Her mom and gramma were both there and boy did we have the time of our lives. We got goofy, real goofy. I think you can tell by her expressions in her senior photos how much fun she had!


We explored K street in downtown Sacramento.  Her style went so well with the Crest Theatre and everything K street represents. Her session came with a styling session with Ambiance Boutique in the Placerville, where she got a bunch of these awesome clothes! 




 This girl has exploring in her blood she even has a tattoo if it. 












 I feel like we really captured who Miss Hannah is during this session. She will look back in 20 years and remember exactly what she was like from these pics! 






Class of 2020 | 50's Inspired Diner Session

I try to kick off a new senior season every year with a fun themed shoot with my model team. To get the incoming class pumped for their upcoming senior year! This is your year and I want you all to feel so special during it.


Every year I have a group of amazing ladies who want to get more out of their senior experience than just one session. They become my models and represent me on social media and at school and in return they get to do fun shoots throughout the year like this! Make sure if your a junior this year you watch out for my model call in the fall for class of 2021! We meet up before the end of Junior year and decide on a theme. I like it to be collaborative effort and include the girls in the decision. I love that we decided on the 1950’s Diner theme this year.


The girls got their hair and makeup done by All Dolled Up and they totally owned their looks!

























We all bonded so much during this session. I love getting to know these girls on a deeper level and hopefully leaving a lasting impact on their lives! 





Folsom Family Photographer | The Riste Family


First birthdays are a big freaking deal! Your baby is one and this could be the first professional photo you have taken with your family! You might have taken newborn photos but more than likely you barely remember them from being in that newborn fog and you probably were not feeling your best that day. This day is just as much about you as it is about the little person you created. You are starting to feel like yourself again and hopefully settling into this thing called parenthood. It is time to celebrate the whole family! 


For Cullen’s first birthday session mama wanted to celebrate his birthday being in October by obvi going to Apple hill! What else do you do when you live half hour away from one of the prettiest places in Autumn! He did such a good job snuggling mommy and daddy but he really found his groove once he found the apples and cake! 


 The many faces of Cullen and that flirty head tilt had my ovaries hurting for sure!! 


 Grammy and Grandpa joined in on the fun too!



 It is always unpredictable how the kiddo will act when presented with a tower of frosting. They are never sure what it is and what to do with it. But this little guy knew right away what to do!! Watch out jenny he has a sweet tooth for sure!

 Loved these last few moments loving on eachother. Fun fact this quilt was passed down a few generations to me from my grandmother who passed away this year. This was the first time using it during a session. I will def forever remember this session for that reason.

 What a wonderful day in one of my favorite places. See I am an October baby too and going to Apple hill as many times as possible during the fall is always my goal! 


Folsom Senior Photographer | Ashley Wright | Folsom High School

 I am absolutely obsessed with the fact that Ashley wanted to take pics in her cap and gown in front of Folsom High. Why? Folsom High is my Alma Mater! Yes that’s right, Class of 2003 baby! Did I just inadvertently tell you how old I am? Dang! Most of my clients think  I am fresh out of college, now the secret is out! 


I loved how much of a planner Ashley was for her session. She was on top of every detail and read every last word of the information I sent her to prep for the session. Which made for these amazing images and resulted in her being super happy with the end product! 


 I also am in love with the Giants setup we did in the bleachers at the school. Girl after my own heart. I sat in those bleachers many times cheering on our baseball team. 




 The placement of the sun in this shot is only there for about five minutes of the day. I turned the corner to this location saw the sun and said quick go stand over there. Just heavenly! 




I always enfourage parents to be ready to jump in a shot or two with their senior during the shoot. Sometimes they take me up on the offer and we get people portratis like these! 


Folsom Family Photographer | Hazel Pierson |



 I have recently gotten back into photographing the newbies. I stopped doing it for a while because I was no longer feeling passionate about it! I was also spending hours on a session trying to get the perfectly posed sleeping baby. I quickly realized this is not me. I am someone who likes to prep the scene and then see how it plays out. 


I also did not have a studio and showing up at a clients houses and not knowing what the lighting would be like gave me knots in my stomach. Now I rent the lovely Bloom Collective in Roseville and my sessions are so relaxing and fun! 


This family I have known since their mama was in high school and have been photographing them since older sis was a little baby. It make me so happy and fills my cup up knowing that my clients consistently come back to me for the big moments. I am so grateful to them for supporting my small business. 






 I finally got a smile out of her at the very end! 


Folsom Senior Photographer | Juliane Hansen | Folsom High School

Juliane was in her element traipsing around downtown Sacramento finding beautiful murals and retro buildings to pose in front of. I knew right from the get go at our consultation that this is the type of location fit for Juliane’s senior portrait experience. I also knew from our wardrobe consult what look she was going for and the color pallet to look for when location scouting. I always try to find the right background to compliment what the client is wearing. 


This girl has some dedicated parents, they hauled this paint setup all around downtown Sacramento! Such troopers! But it was all worth it to capture this beautiful scene in Capitol park!


 This sun flare was everything! 

 We decided to throw her hair up for a few shots and as her mom was putting it up I stopped them and started shooting. Her mom loved this hair in the face authentic moment! 




 The artist in her was all about this shot next to the Frida Kalho mural! IT was the most perfect last shot of the session. With that being said- ” That’s a wrap!”


One High School Senior Two Photo shoots?


The debate about having a second session after yearbook photos


Are you serious? With all the things I have to do for my childs senior year, booking a second session now has to be added to the list? The answer isn’t a definite yes! But it is something you should consider exploring and I will tell you why.


The yearbook photo while timeless with the black off the shoulder drape and the tilted pose, it is also uncomfortable! These photos are typically shot at a high-volume studio where they are doing back to back sittings and just looking to the next customer. While they are good at what they do, taking headshots and maybe few studio shots, they are not interested in getting to know your teen or you. Now this is all I am going to say about these studios because I am not here to bash a competitor I am here to tell you why both of us can be part of your senior experience.

Take a minute to consider both. If you are looking for something a little more personal for your teen then I would strongly suggest you look into booking a local photographer who specializes in senior photography. Senior sessions typically lasts 2-3 hours and include hair and makeup but the experience doesn’t begin at the session it begins weeks or months prior with the photographer getting to know your teen and working closely to develop a session that expresses everything about them.


I will usually meet with my senior at least once before the session and have several phone consultations to go over outfits, locations and overall mood of the shoot. The purpose of this shoot is to encapsulate your life up until this moment. I tell all my teens I want you to look back in twenty years and instantly be transported back to who you were back then. I want their kids or grand kids to look at these photos and right away be able to know what you were like at 18!

I also want your kids to be able to see these photos. This is another reason to go with a local photographer that offers products. You will get a wide array of boutique heirloom options for printing your beautiful artwork. Because just like DVDs have been removed from computers someday so will USBs. It is a disservice to our clients to only hand over digital files when we have access to some of the best photo labs in the country to print at professional quality anything you can imagine.


These local photographers are not a high volume studio, they typically only shoot a few handful of clients a month in order to focus their time and energy on them. This means you will get all of their attentions and a VIP experience. Like I said previously it doesn’t just begin and end at the shoot! There are emails, calls, edits and making your client feels special. All of these things combine makes investing in a local photographer worth the money! Lets talk money!

A local photographer can cost anywhere between 200-$2500 depending on the experience you are looking for. Some photographers are hobbyist and are doing this because it is their passion and may need some extra cash for yearly vacations. Other’s do this as a full-time job and need to pay insurance, taxes, business license and a million other things that it cost to run a business and then on top of that their mortgage and to live!  Again, neither option is better but I will speak on the latter since this in the boat I am in. Not to go into too much detail, this can be its own post but because I am premiere award winning full time photographer I treat my clients as such. You are supporting my small business and because of that I am going to put extra attention into my clients. Some weeks I work more than 40 hours and those hours are solely focused on my clients and growing my business. Just remember that sometimes it is worth paying more to support a local and get a premium experience. I know that whenever I need a service done I always look to Folsom Chat on Facebook to find recommendations for locals. I know I may be paying more but I am also boosting the local economy.


You will also have the chance to shoot your session at anytime of the year not just summer!

Martin Engagement Session | Truckee, Ca



These two high school sweethearts were all cuddles and love during their engagement session in Truckee a few weeks ago.  Even after 12 years together their affection for each other shows with every loving glance, sweet gesture and patient tone.  We started the session in downtown Truckee a fun place to dance to the street performer or cozy up next to each other. 


 I love this old gas station. Fun fact that the building is now a real estate office! 


 Then we went down to the Truckee River where Aaron’s parents got married! The sun was setting which made for some gorgeous light on the river. 


 I just love the way the look at each other here! 


 Lastly we went up to Donner Overlook, this spot holds special meaning to the couple because it is where they had their first kiss on Prom night!!!!! How cute is that!! It was one of my favorite spots because of the texture of the rock and the color palette! 



 I fell head over heals for this couple. It made me realize although I am done photographing weddings an engagement session here and there wouldn’t hurt!